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The Ventures Consulting Group is a digital marketing agency helping small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs generate more leads, sales and business via digital marketing.

My name is David Walters and that's my elevator pitch 😉 . Like most marketers I started out dabbling in affiliate marketing, which evolved into email marketing, then video, social media, the list goes on.

In my early days I built a lot of websites, old school HTML, first for myself then friends and family. When WordPress became popular I quickly transitioned learning the platform and now build them exclusively, like our site IMDavidWalters.com.

Curiosity turned to marketing and soon became my passion. What started as a hobby grew into offering several services like website design and development, search engine optimization/marketing, Pay Per Click and video.

Social Media, brand and reputation management were added to the portfolio and continue to be strong lead generation platforms/tools for us and our clients along with other marketing strategies. Social media is a tool every business and/or entrepreneur should have in their marketing tool belt. Along with providing transparency and brand development, they're great communication tools .. and as we all know, communication is the key to building and growing a strong business.

All of these tools, when done right, become unstoppable lead generation channels every business needs to grow and survive in an ever changing Internet/technology landscape.

The services we offer here at our small digital marketing agency are not one size fits all strategies. Every business has different needs, different strategies and methods. We at Ventures Consulting Group want to help you put a custom marketing strategy together that will generate an endless stream of leads.

If your business is just starting out or a seasoned professional looking to expand your marketing footprint online, maximizing advertising dollars and outreach efforts let's get together and chat. Schedule a free digital marketing assessment today and discover what we can do to help generate more leads, sales, and business.

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