Dave's not here! Yep, I haven't heard that one before … my usual retort is, “.. you can call me Dave, you can call me David .. just don't call me late fer dinner.” 😉 It gets a few chuckles, great ice breaker. All joke'n aside, I'm just a guy make'n things happen in this crazy digital world called the Internet.

The story of me 😉 I kid .. as you get to know me through my writing and video projects, this page is really about my journey more than about me as a person. Sure .. I can tell you I live in the burbs, have a beautiful wife of 30+ years, two adorable pups .. and that I love fast cars, movies, sports (huge Tennessee Titan fan ~ I know .. you won't hold it against me 😉 ) and travel but then the story would end there.

You ever see the movie “Jerry Maquire” with Tom Cruise? He portrays a wildly successful sports agent that one day has an epiphany and writes his life's “manifesto” about the way life should be. Well .. in a way .. this is my manifesto. It certainly hasn't taken a few minutes to write, as it did in the movie, but it's my manifesto all the same..

Reading this right now you've probably never heard of me, and quite frankly don't care. And that's okay, totally understand … I know it's nothing personal and I prefer to work behind the scenes, honing my marketing skills … working on my version of success.

When I began my journey to Internet marketer several years ago I wanted to document several key snapshots in time as reference points, that as time marched on, I could look back and reflect on the successes and the failures .. that's my journey and now a living journal guaranteed to grow through experiences.  

In the interest of fairness, full disclosure and transparency .. as you read and experience the content, or not, keep in mind I am a marketer first and foremost, which means that links throughout the site may or may not be affiliate links. Also understand that at no additional cost to you, I earn commissions if you click through and make a purchase.

The choice to click or not to click is entirely yours but if you do make a purchase let me be the first to say thank you! I do appreciate the fact there's been enough trust established between myself and readers .. through content I write, videos I create, and experiences I share .. that it's paying for itself .. so thank you~

I'll take it a step further and encourage readers, like you, to reach out, introduce yourself and let's connect. Commenting on a piece of content I've created and/or sharing it with your own personal network, whether with friends and family or through social media is greatly appreciated. But I'm also interested in learning more about the people who visit my site .. and the only way to accomplish that is establishing a dialog. So don't be shy .. say hello and tell me what's on your mind 😉 …

With all that being said,  I've learned a lot about Internet marketing and not just about the subject. While the subject matter plays a part in educating it's really about the stuff marketers don't write and/or talk about that I like to write about. I love sharing what works and doesn't work, nuances, strategy, things I've discovered throughout my journey, plus full unbiased reviews of software and services I use or plan to use in my business.

Some final words before moving on .. I hope you enjoy your stay and that you enjoy the content. The fact that you've read this far says a lot, it seems I've managed to capture and hold your attention .. if only for a little while. Tell me whether you like, love, or hate what I'm doing .. share it in your comments and with your networks. Someday my hope is crossing paths with ya'll (yep, brought in some southern drawl there), maybe even partner up on a project. Who knows what the future might bring .. 😉

Entry: Sunday December 7th, 2013 08:18

Today I bought my branding domain name, imdavidwalters.com. I was hoping to grab just my name, first and last, but alas found it was taken and I didn't want to add stuff like middle initial, or short name “Dave”. Since my goal is to become an Internet marketer, I decided adding “IM” to the front of my name as  a play on words .. I am David Walters .. drop the ‘a' .. and now it's “IM”, short for Internet Marketer or Marketing .. then my name .. wala!

I added the domain to my hosting account, NameCheap (I host all my domains with them), installed WordPress via my hosting panel and now ready to publish some content. Next step is setting up my social network via Facebook, GooglePlus, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

Entry: Wednesday December 31st, 2014 21:31

Between work and study I didn't get much done with my Internet marketing career. The demands of creating and maintaining our level of lifestyle became a challenge. No excuses, just truth. I did continue my studies on marketing strategy and technique, bought more tools .. probably more than I needed, or thought I needed.

I also started getting familiar with Facebook's advertising platform .. way different than Google Adwords where the focus is keywords. Facebook's algorithm targets interest over keyword and with millions of members can be advantageous. Unlike Google, where they charge per click Facebook charges per impression. The key is to get the targets correct or suffer wasted ad spend.  

One other project capitalized my time and didn't pan out due to legal issues with trademarks and patents. It involved video as a service for marketing individual agents (in my industry), utilizing a website and members area. I'm pretty damn good at building membership sites now, hooking up payment processors and structuring it for learning and sharing. 

Also dug deep into modifying software code we hosted on our server that agents could use in their tracking and marketing efforts, whether it was promoting themselves or their agencies. My partner and I put a lot of blood and sweat into this project only to have it yanked out from under us because of a legal issue .. something we were assured wouldn't become an issue .. and then became an issue.

Moral of this story is no matter how much work is done researching, there's always more research. Lesson learned, moving on…

Entry: Tuesday March 3rd, 2015 22:15

I'm spending quite a bit of  time and money learning about Internet marketing, from driving traffic, to content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, social media, paid alternatives like PPC and Facebook to name a few. I'm finding there's two schools of thought when it comes to these methods … do I want results now or over time? 

Either way, I'm going to spend time and money .. how much money depends on experience, and experience takes time, the proverbial boomerang of life. I've run the gamut of acquiring shiny objects, spending time and money just like everyone else trying to get a handle on Internet marketing techniques and strategy. Some key traits to take away here is patience and mindset.

What I've learned over time is success doesn't happen overnight. While it may appear that way on the surface .. and trust me there are marketers selling on the concept of time, or lack there of. Any experienced marketer will tell you it takes time and success means different things to different people. 

The purpose for creating this site is to train and educate while building my brand. It's funny, as one get's older in life the urge to train and pass on experience and wisdom becomes a centralized focus. Moving on…

Entry: Saturday July 30th, 2017 13:45

Today's about building my video production studio. It's taken a few years to acquire the pieces like a video camera, back drops, frames, production software, lighting, etc .. but it's finally here. First step accomplished … my video production studio.

Granted it's doubling as a guest room and I'm having to tear it down when family and friends visit but hey, got to start somewhere, take action and just get it done!

My goal is to also pick up a second hand computer that I can direct transfer video camera content to the cloud, making it shareable with the office PC where I have Camtasia installed for post production. Wanting to primarily record intro's/outro's for software reviews, case studies, interviews, etc.

Entry: Sunday January 15th, 2018 08:16

Last step is the formation of our business. Applied for an LLC and waiting on paperwork to process. Thought about the different levels of business ownership, toyed with the idea of being a sole proprietor but the assets we've collected over the years it simply doesn't make sense to risk what we've worked so hard for. 

An LLC made sense from a taxation perspective, especially with the new figurehead in Washington. My wife and I are splitting duties in our venture together. It's nice having family involved in projects.

Site is set to launch in a few months, have lots to do. Laying out the framework according to plans. February and March I'll be experimenting with a few more marketing strategies, we'll see how effective they'll be. I love video and these strategies tie in nicely. Moving on..

Entry: Saturday April 14th, 2018 10:22

With our LLC in place I'm continuing a few marketing strategies, they tested out and worked perfectly. Looking forward to including them in our plans for this site. Also made a few bucks so they are viable. I recorded all the steps and have it slated as one of my first case studies to share. 

Continuing to work on the site. Finally decided to pull the trigger on theme/plugins. I've experimented with a ton of different themes and plugins over the years and now have a mix of plugins that work together seamlessly. Started the first few posts, getting them ready for launch – expected to be sometime in June but may move that up if time permits. Moving on..

Entry: Wednesday May 16th, 2018 05:51

Decided I'm launching the site over the coming weekend. Putting the finishing touches on my first blog post, over 2,500 words. wasn't planning on it being that big but just had so much to write about on this product, since I'm actually using it. Another few posts slotted to start post production and then its' on for a full Internet marketing and product review site. 

It's been 4 years in the making, with a lot of side trips along the way, but finally feel like I'm accomplishing something that'll stick and building an asset I can grow into a viable business. Works not stopping however, through all the training and learning I've done in the SEO world, building it they will come attitude doesn't work. Have a few more tricks up my sleeve and looking forward to the results. Moving on..

Entry: Wednesday May 16th, 2018 21:15

Decided to turn on the site today … it's ALIVE !! Originally wanted to go live over the weekend but have a few more reviews to knock out and SEO strategies to kick start so the weekend seems to be the best time to git'r dun. I'm also starting a separate journal to carry on with my journey. My about page would become rather large, lengthy and unmanageable with continued additions. Hoping you enjoy your stay and would really love to hear from you in the comments below, my reviews and/or website posts.