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This is our frequently asked questions area. We've covered a few more important topics here with the understanding FAQ will be expanded over time. In the event your question isn't answered contact us and we'll get you sorted.

Are you Google Certified?

Yes we are!

What does CPC mean?

CPC stands for "cost per click", and it means how much someone pays Google when a Google search user clicks their ad.

Do you offer reporting?

Yes, our clients can be set-up on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reporting. Each report will contain Adwords (clicks, impressions, CPC, average position, conversions, conv rate, etc.) statistics and compare those statistics to the previous weeks statistics. We use Swydo and Agency Analytics.

All reports will be stored inside the member's area available for download anytime. We encourage our clients to download their documents and reports to their computers and/or storage devices for safekeeping and offline access.

Do you offer landing pages?

Yes, we offer landing pages and in 99% of cases we require clients use one of our landing pages. Driving traffic to your homepage, like most local businesses do, is almost always a waste of money.

We build high converting, mobile optimized landing pages using Instapage, which allows for real time A/B split testing to find the best version of the page. A high converting landing page is one of the biggest success drivers of your paid traffic campaign.

Do you offer call tracking?

Yes, we offer call tracking and call recording through CallRail. We also track calls back to keywords that drove the phone call as a conversion, giving us more data to optimize your campaign, improving ROI.

Do you set up Google Analytics?

Yes we do. Every new client on-boarding gets a new Analytics account (or we can use an existing one). This enables us to track everything more efficiently and set up our in-depth call tracking as well.

What type of Ad budget do you recommend we start with?

Great question, we get asked this a LOT! But unfortunately it's hard to answer so I’ll go with “it depends”. It depends on the niche, keywords, search volumes, the location and ultimately your market's CPC. Many local businesses can thrive on $1,500/Mo ad budget while the same budget in another niche would struggle to do well and gain traction.

It comes down to the monthly search volumes in the market, number of advertisers and how much CPC’s are. Most of this is covered in our one-to-one initial consultation, schedule an appointment today.

How small of an ad budget can you work with?

Another great question and again I’ll have to answer with “it depends”. If CPC’s are low we can get away with a budget less than $1,000 per month but like most local business CPC’s, I don’t advise a monthly budget less than that.

How many leads can we expect per month?

That’s a tough question to answer because there are so many variables at play. While we have experience and case studies to support several niches, every city/town/state has a different set of players, all competing for that coveted top spot.

We're not mind readers, nor do we have a crystal ball. We, however, do a TON of research before, during and after a new client joins our agency, we can look at your niche/city and give our best estimates. Schedule a one-to-one consultation today.

Will you set up conversion tracking?

Yes. Without knowing what keywords are turning into leads and which ones are wasting money it’s impossible to optimize a campaign. Our team will handle setting up all the conversion tracking up for you.

Do you offer reviews on existing Adwords campaigns?

Yes we do. This is a free service we offer prospects and serves two objectives. First, it allows you get to know us and second, we can provide some insights on campaign performance.

Assessments typically take 2/3 days to complete (weekends and holidays excluded) and we'll notify you via email. Click here to schedule your free review and we'll send additional instructions.