myMailIt Software What You Need to Know [review]

9.3 / 10 Rating
> Cloud Based SaaS
> No Monthly Costs
> Unlimited Subscribers
> Unlimited Lists
> Unlimited Emails
> Needs ESP, SMTP Host
> Glitchy Text Editor
> Can't Duplicate
I've been using myMailIt for several weeks now (at the time of this post) and for the price, would recommend replacing your current autoresponder service with Brett's newest autoresponder service. It doesn't have with all the bells and whistles the big services feature but that just means the learning curve is less, and future upgrades (free for owners) will push this cloud based SaaS over the top. Do you own a copy of myMailIt? Would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Before I get into breaking down this email platform software it's worth noting there are a few things needed in order to begin using myMailIt. Unlike some other top email autoresponder services, such as Aweber or Getresponse, myMailit uses a web host's SMTP or IMAP service to deliver email. Gmail or other similar service can also be used. 

Word of caution, Gmail's email platform limits the number of emails that can be sent…

The Gmail mail server send limit is approximately 100-150 emails per day when connected to the server from a remote email client. You can send 500 emails each day through the Gmail SMTP server when logged into their web interface.

Forget about using a free autoresponder service. Free email marketing software is free for a reason .. you'll run into several drawbacks including advertising by the service, low support, not to mention limited sending limits and you don't get unlimited autoresponders like the top autoresponder services. If you're a serious email marketer building a brand, free is not the way to go.

Then there's the subscriber tiers … basically you pay for how many subscribers are on your lists, not individual lists, all lists combined .. even scarier. Let's take a look at the top 5 autoresponders service subscriber tiers (keep in mind myMailIt software doesn't have these limitations)…

0 - 500
$19 p/m
0 - 1000
$15 p/m
0 - 500
$10 p/m
0 - 500
$80 p/m
0 - 500
$15 p/m
501 - 2500
$29 p/m
1001 - 2500
$25 p/m
501 - 2,500
$30 p/m
501 - 1500
$104 p/m
501 - 1000
$29 p/m
2501 - 5000
$49 p/m
2501 - 5000
$45 p/m
2501 - 5000
$50 p/m
1501 - 2500
$144 p/m
1001 - 2500
$49 p/m
5001 - 10000
$69 p/m
10001 - 100000
$65 p/m
5001 - 10000
$75 p/m
2501 - 5000
$184 p/m
2501 - 5000
$89 p/m

Judging from the table above my grandma ma would say,

“wut?? .. they want how much to send emails?”

“No grandma, sending emails is free, it's how many people you send them too..”

“Well, that's doesn't make sense, why don't people just use AOL…”

“Grandma!!” 😉

A lil' humor at grandma ma's expense. The point here is the stark pricing difference between tiers. For example, going from 500 to 501 email subscribers, it's an instant $10 to $20 per month, or more, pop to your expenses … regardless if it's one or 100 subscribers. It's like a freak'n roller coaster ride of ratios' .. between subscriber levels and expenses. There are a ton more autoresponder services out there too, all with different tiered pricing, features and benefits.

And unless you've been living under a rock (I kid, there's a thin line between genius and insanity and I just erased it) everybody knows in order to send bulk email you need an autoresponder service. They serve two purposes when it comes to email marketing. The first is message sequencing. Basically it's email automation with a series of messages delivered at certain times to email subscribers that sign up through an autoresponder form. 

Second .. broadcast messages. These are messages, or “broadcasts”, created on the fly that you send subscribers in real time. Examples would be an upcoming product launch or a special newsletter/event.

And if “subscriber gate” didn't scare you off, there are several other disadvantages with big autoresponder services .. steep learning curves, definitely not newbie friendly, tiered monthly fees (already discussed), and the biggest one of all .. they can shut you down without warning!

This actually happened to me, it wasn't pretty. I was doing everything right .. I had permission to email, my emails were educational, humorless .. wait .. what (don't you mean humorous? I kid 😉 ) they were sequenced appropriately, I definitely wasn't spamming .. my reader's engaged with me (or maybe they just humored me .. who knows). Subscribers on my lists would have said the same thing. 

And I'm not the only one .. it also happened to Brett, creator of the myMailIt email platform, subject of today's post. Just like me, he also got shut down .. no warning, no dear Brett letter (probably got the login screen of death like I did), business gone overnight. Unlike me though (remember .. super genius 😉 ), he's the software programmer behind a WordPress plugin called MailIt, which then morphed into it's current version today … myMailIt.

So What is myMailIt? 

It's a cloud based autoresponder service created by Brett Rutecky. As mentioned earlier myMailIt originally morphed from the WordPress plugin MailIt (also created by Brett .. er .. wait, I said that already). He added the word “My” to the product name because he wanted more options for himself and the cloud version gave him more flexibility to design an easy to use interface, create functionality he wanted in an autoresponder service, and freedom from the grasp of corporate “tier”anny (get it .. “tier-anny” .. corporate tyranny .. never mind 😉 )  .. hence “myMailIt” was born. 

Essentially the email platform does what other autoresponder services do with one caveat .. you don't have pay monthly or even yearly for it. It's a one time fee (buy myMailIt through my link and grab some kick ass bonuses ~ more on that later). You never pay another penny ever again .. no subscriber limits, email or list limits.  Zero, zip .. nada!

MyMailIt is rudimentary in it's design. It may not have the curb appeal other autoresponder services have but who gives a flip .. it's an autoresponder! All I want from an autoresponder service is bulk emailing a series of messages to my subscribers, educating and informing with the occasional broadcast message about upcoming events or product launches. Nuff said .. let's pop the hood and take a peek.

Once logged in the main dashboard is home base...

my mailit main dashboard

Click to Enlarge

It's a very simple interface with a navigation menu pointing to the most important areas of the software, i.e. Emails, Lists, Subscribers, Settings, Sequences, Tools, Tutorials and Support.

The main dashboard also summarizes your account in a snapshot. From Total Subscribers, Lists, Messages, to Total Clicks and Opens. Also display's the day's activities with subscribers, unsubscribes and bounces.

The next series of images is a walk-through of each section of the myMailIt software. Brett talks about some of the functionality in the video so feel free to skip ahead .. unless you just like look'n at pretty pictures .. just say'n ..

List Creation in myMailIt Software..

So in order to send emails using the myMailIt software you must have lists .. duh 😉 and the next screenshot demonstrates where lists are made. Pretty basic stuff, give your list a unique name, subscribe and unsubscribe message. For those double opt-in requirements flip the switch and enter a message.

list creation dashboard

Once created users have several options available such as editing, cleaning, deleting and downloading, along with getting an optin URL for your lists (Brett also programmed an automated “dead” subscriber scrub, which removes unsubscribes, bounces and marked spam every 30 days .. pretty cool).

mymailit software list dashboard

Then it's on to filling up them lists with subscribers! But you got to have a form to capture them leads and more importantly a connection to begin sending those messages. Here's where the setup begins, the function that enables you to bulk email, whether through sequencing or broadcasting.

Email Settings..

While the settings for may look menacing, with Brett's help you'll have this up and running in no time. I do recommend once you've entered the details send yourself a test email. If there are any problems the myMailIt software will alert you, then simply correct and retest.

There is a training video built in to the settings page walking you through the entire setup, along with recommendations for optimum performance. Once again, using your host's SMTP, Gmail or other similar email relay service.

mymailit software settings dashboard

Optin Forms Available In myMailIt Software..

When is comes to email optin forms Brett has gone above and beyond by creating a library of templates and a form builder to edit each and every one of them. The library contains 50 templates at the time of this writing. The process starts with a default blank canvas without graphics.

These templates are very professional and get the job done with simple calls to action, graphics and text elements. Integrating them into WordPress or HTML setups are a snap. I'll be demonstrating a few integrations in some of my upcoming case studies, be sure and check them out.

mymailit software form templates

The built-in editor is a standard WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform with simple text edit boxes and form controls, which make adjustments and sizing of forms a breeze using slide controls and drop down menus. Replace images with your own and make these email optin forms completely unique for your projects.mymailit software form sample template

Integration Options..

When it comes to integration, once again Brett makes it simple with 4 choices, standard, 2 step, auto open or on exit. The auto open and on exit options are essentially 2 step functions, meaning there are 2 steps involved in capturing a lead, either by manually clicking a button/link or automatically popping the form through timing or actions…

my mailit embed codes
  • Standard
  • 2 Step
  • Auto
  • On Exit

The 2 step method involves selecting a method of popping the optin form and Brett gives you several to choose from. my mailit button options

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

I've talked a lot about the good behind Brett's myMailIt software. Since Brett is the creator, developer and user of the software it's worth noting every time he upgrades the platform, your copy of My MailIt is also upgraded, free of charge ~ pretty cool.

But let's talk about the bad. After using the software for several weeks there are a few things that bug me and hope as the software gets upgraded it improves things. First up are sequences. When creating sequences, i.e. messages that are sent at specific times, it would be nice if users could duplicate a sequence, thereby saving time and swapping out messages rather than copy pasting. 

When drafting individual messages inside a created sequence, i.e. typing out the message, copy pasting, etc. the action of backspacing while correcting will sometimes skip lines, pushing the cursor into text above where it shouldn't be, in other words, not inline with a sentence you're trying to correct. I found this to be irritating, having to watch and make sure when backspacing the cursor was where it needed to be to make corrections. 

Next up are templates. I mentioned Brett's template library has 50 ready-made templates that can be used to create lead capture forms. When first creating a lead capture form you start with a blank canvas. It has the basic fields .. name and email with a submit button, just without the graphics. If you want to use one of the many templates available simply clicking the “Templates” button will drop a popup with thumbnail images of all available templates, then all you have to do is select the desired template and start editing. 

However, if you want to get back to just the basic lead capture form after selecting one of the templates, for example, you may decide just to use the raw html code to integrate with 3rd party themes (I use Thrive Themes and their many WordPress plugins), at the time of this writing, there is no way of resetting a template or even defaulting/choosing a blank template. You either need to start a new lead capture form or delete the current and start over. 

All in all, the myMailIt software email platform gets a 9.3 rating, losing a few points to concept and usability. Not bad considering how it stacks up against other autoresponder service platforms.  Would love to read your comments if you own the software or have questions. 

Disclosure: Please note some of the links in this review article are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. I review, test and rate each product thoroughly and make no promises to product vendors as to the results. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there restrictions on what lists and subscribers I can upload?

How many emails can I send each month?

How many subscribers can I have?

What about monthly fees?

Are there any one time offers?

When you purchase myMailIt software through the link below, not only do you get Brett's awesome bonuses..

bonus 1

Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar with a clickable Buy Now button and countdown timer on any WordPress post.

bonus 2

Is a WordPress plugin allows people to quickly and easily add their Facebook re-targeting pixel to every page / post in their WordPress site.

bonus 3

Jack Jacker Gold is Brett's super popular WordPress plugin that allows you to "jack" almost any website and put clickable links and banners over it.

bonus 4

Let's you quickly put an interactive live engagement chat box on any WordPress site.


If after 14 days you're not completely satisfied with myMailit Autoresponder service simply request a full, 100% refund and I'll send 100% of your money back, no questions asked. And keep my bonuses as our way of saying thank you just for trying it out. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose but opportunity. Click here to buy myMailIt today!


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