Immigration Law PPC Case Study

40% Conversion Rate :: 12 Booked Consultations

As with all our clients - respect for privacy/anonymity is our #1 priority and this immigration lawyer/client was no different, however, they agreed to let us share their campaign results over the first 30 days. We currently manage several Immigration lawyer campaigns, so we tailored this particular immigration law campaign to their necessary parameters and implemented a proven best practices strategy along with a high converting landing page. Within the first 30 days (1 cycle) our campaign generated 36 leads, allowing their team to secure 12 immigration case consultations.

The Challenge

To illustrate the work we’ve been able to accomplish for their firm, this specific immigration lawyer agreed to share their results over a 30 day period (Nov – Dec). With no prior Adwords campaign experience they wanted a scaleable solution to generate leads for their office to book consultations.

*(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget. Bigger budgets get bigger results)*

The Strategy

Areas of focus for this client were to implement our proven campaign, implement our proven high converting landing page and to manage the campaign to perfection. Immigration law is one niche where we can rinse and repeat to get as many immigration law cases as our clients want.

The campaigns we have for immigration are also very scaleable. If you want more consultations every month, simply spend more money.

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Conversion Rate

Our Proven, Mobile Optimized, Immigration Law Landing Page Drives Inbound Calls & Form Submissions!

Campaign Generated 36 Hot Leads, 12 Consultations

Campaign Results

Campaign ran Nov-Dec 2016 and at the time we documented the results it generated 36 hot leads, allowing the firm to book 12 confirmed consultations!

Campaign Details

With daily spend capped at $62 per day, the campaign generated 99 clicks with a 8.06% click through rate (CTR), 36 conversions (40% campaign conversion rate), and a 1.4 average ad position.

Phone Call Conversions

We also tracked and recorded all inbound calls down to the keyword level, allowing us to further optimize the campaign.

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