Personal Injury Lawyer PPC Case Study

610% Increase In Monthly Lead Volume

As with all our clients - respect for privacy/anonymity is our #1 priority and this personal injury lawyer/client is no different. They agreed to let us share their campaign results over a 30 day window. The client came to us July 2015 with an Adwords campaign managed by a big PPC agency (not worth mentioning) generating about 9 leads per month.

The Challenge

Our client faced having a campaign not built out completely. and no proper negative keywords in place to funnel in high converting traffic. Personal injury leads are very expensive when it comes to cost per click and can range between $11-$65, nothing compared to the value a lead, potentially millions of dollars in revenue to the firm. Bottom line, 9 leads per month just wasn't cutting it.

*(Monthly lead volume depends on monthly ad budget. Bigger budgets get bigger results)*

The Strategy

We did a TON of keyword/competition research, tailored keywords, ad groups, and ads. Built out a full lead capture, one page website designed for distraction free focus, no links to outer pages (no traffic leakage). The strategy was either filling out a web form or making a phone call .. and a very high percentage of our client's leads were phone calls!

Our client went from 9 leads/month to 64 leads per month .. a 610% increase!

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Leads in 30 Days



Our Proven, Mobile Optimized, Personal Injury Landing Page Drives Inbound Calls & Form Submissions!

Campaign Generated 64 Hot Leads

Campaign Results

Campaign ran Sep-Oct 2015 and at the time we documented the results it generated 64 hot leads in 30 days!

Campaign Details

The ads generated 88 clicks with a 4.03% click through rate (CTR), 15 conversions (17.05% conversion rate), and a 2.2 average ad position.

Phone Call Conversions

The bulk of leads came from phone calls, 49 inbound calls, all tracked to keyword level, allowing us to further optimize the campaign for our client.

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